With olive oil in the backpack trough hidden places of Turkey


After arriving to farm we finally got some time to settle down and stay at one place for total of 15 nights. It was a farm, somewhere around Kadiköy with around 2000 olive trees, 3 dogs and plenty of chickens and turkeys running around. We had our time to do yoga, painting, some jogging around, relax our feet and make a short video about processing olives. (which you can see in upcomming week in the video tab)

But we couldn’t stay put for too long. We went to visit the beach and the hidden Butterfly valley/ Kelebek Vadisi also known as hippy beach.

Butterfly valley (tips and climbing down in winter time)

A view from the waterfall in the valley

We started our hitchhiking way from Fethiye and arrived to a dropping point at the cliff at night. Luckily enough our last ride invited us to stay in their house so we could stay to find our way early in the morning.

Beehive boxes on top of the cliff.

So we did, we walked in the direction we thought the valley was (since the point is really hard to find on any map). And finally we found some signs showing us the way but unfortunately those signs only lead to the viewpoint. Two hours passed while looking for the path before we decided to try another route from the main path. From there we finally got on the right track which had many marks so we started to drop down.

To find that path you should first go to Georges house, from there there are marks to the drop in the cliff. It took us about an hour to get down. We had a huge bag and one small one for heavy stuff with us, with cameras, tent and sleeping bags all prepared to camp and chill at the valley. So we bought some climbing rope so we could drop our bags down the steep cliffs. We highly recommend you to do that in case you have travel backpacks that can take your balance).

Backpack bigger then Ana

Path was ”secured” by people around there, with some ropes down cliffs but not much more. We were really happy to finally arrive but already there was a sign welcoming us with words: camping is forbidden and property is private. As we arrived to the beach they kind of gave us a choice to volunteer for 3 days, pay 15 eur pp/per night or climb back up. We tried negotiating but they didn’t give up on their terms and we didn’t have enough cash with us to even pay half. So we were confused what to do, since the climb is really badly secured and not to nice to climb at night with big bag and tiered legs. We went to see the waterfall nearby and decided to just camp somewhere in the back.

Camping at the valley

Before putting our tent we thought, lets try again, lets ask for some food (we had some money for one soup) and maybe they let us stay for some reason. And they did. We camped on the beach, made nice fire and swam in the night under the stars.



Spending a night with Syrian Family and countless fields of green houses

After beach we had few more days at the farm before we hitchhiked in direction of Cappadocia. First night of hitchhiking we stopped next to the town Kinik, where we met a Syrian family, that invited us to drink tea with them and later spent the night. We wanted to continue but they were such a lovely family so after tea and a big dinner we decided to stay the night.

After beach we had few more days at the farm before we hitchhiked in direction of Cappadocia. First night of hitchhiking we stopped next to the town Kinik, where we met a Syrian family, that invited us to drink tea with them and later spent the night. We wanted to continue but they were such a lovely family so after tea and a big dinner we decided to stay the night.

The man that invited us in later drove us from his sisters house to his family house on his motorbike with the three of us. We even found some vegetables on the way, since the market just closed down! We arrived to their home, a small apartment, with a common room, two bedrooms and kitchen. They let us sleep in their bed and the hole family slept in the common room together on mats. The family had just applied for Canadian migration and had all their hopes set on that. They could not get education for children in Turkey so for their future they had no choice. It is a sad thought, to think about the fact their are millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey dealing with the same problems. They told us it is hard to see an end of war at home, but they are happy where they are and they only want peace.

The are is filled with tomato green houses and we were invited to see one from the inside. After two breakfasts at different houses we finally continued.

Few cars later we were picked up by a Russian family in a rental van that had exactly two more spots in their car.

Greek theatre

T_05_Mersin_05We were really lucky, they took us to some nice ancient place with ruins. Place was called Myra, ancient Greek city on river Myros.

What we found most interesting were the rock-carved tombs and big Romanian theatre. Actually we would have known about it if they wouldn’t take us.

Sculpted graves in the mountainside

After that they drove to their booked apartment in Adrasan, where they would stay over and continue next day to Antalya. The owners of apartment invited us in their own house, so we kind of had our own apartment, which was really cozy and relaxing.

Mutlu at the Man of Rock

After that next interesting ride picked us up somewhere in Anamur and drove us all the way to Adana (his home) so he could show us the beautiful castle next day.

Mutlu didn’t only drive us to his home, but even payed tickets for us to see the beautiful Gilindir Cave. (which was in our original plan a place to camp that night).





He was living in a very protected area in Adana and mentioned there was a lot of theft there and most houses had really high fences and barb wire. Next day we had a full day trip to old town and castle Yilankale.

We saw the new Starwars  in the city. Afterwards we wanted to camp on the beach so he drove us 2 hours away from his home, even if it was already 2 at night, just to drop us at another ancient place with two castles (one was on the island): Kizkalezi Kalesi, Akdeniz

Sunset at Akdeniz

After few days on the beach he picked us up again, to show us another ancient place Adamkayalar (Men of rock).

With so much hospitality and friendship we finally continued our way and he took us back to the good route to Cappadocia. He even convinced a truck driver to take us in direction. He was going more than half way there, where we put our camp and arrived to cappadocia the next day.



Cappadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia. We spent three nights there: first we stayed at a garden house near the village Cavusin, one night camping next to hotel in Göreme, (for which we found contacts on couchsurfing) and last day couchsurfing in the hostel in village Uchisar.


After cappadocia we continued to Batman, where we tried hitchhiking, but since it was dark and we were tiered we kind of gave up.  There was a restaurant near bye that was just closing so they gave a plenty of Kurdish sweets to try. Afterwards we five guys stopped and invited us to stay at the house of one of them so we spent the night there.





After Batman we continued and got a long ride to Dogubayazid. We payed around 10 eur for a room with breakfast and next day we reached Iran.


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