The road and rail in Bulgaria

Walk to the petrol station in Ruse

We left from hitchhiking spot in Bucharest around 9:30. Our first goal was to get to Ruse, which is the first city in Bulgaria that was on our way. We got two rides to get to Giorgiu and from there walked to the border.After that we needed to split up.


The frequency of cars passing by was really low so as we took a ride to Ruse Demijan stayed behind.
Later we got another ride to Veliko Tarnovo and took a train from there to Trjavna. Demijan had a bit less luck, he arrived to Trjavna only the next morning.


Hitchhiking wasn’t that easy, not many people speak English and all the signs were in ciliric. Luckyily enough Ana knew how to read it and later we figured out Slovenian and Bulgarian have quite some words in common. A lot of people also spoke Russian and Serbian, so that made things a bit easier for us. Hitchhiking trough villages was not that hard though.



Agi and Norbi


In Trjavna we met old couchsurfing friends of Ana. A really cute couple from Hungary, that worked there with an exchange program.

They are creative souls that also love photography and design, so they knew all the best places to see in Trjavna and showed us all the nice vegan food we can buy there. You can check their blog as well:  (or only pictures, because its in Hungarian haha, still nice).

Beautiful woodcarvings around the town

Trjavna is quite a historical village, some roofs are still made of stones and you can smell the burning wood, used for heating in most houses, everywhere.

Traditions of spreading memorial posters and Martenitsa

Bulgarian Railway adventure

We found this abandoned place online that we wanted to see and it as it turned out it was close by. We wanted to get a train to nearest town (since it was less then euro) and hitchhike from there.

The conductor stuffed a hawk in front of the train

However our plans and reallity went two separate ways. First we missed one stop on the train then we decided to stay on it, because the train back was only in one and a half hour. On the stop we saw people observing a dead hawk, we thought the train must have hit it. As it turned out it was our train for the way back. The train stopped working in Veliko Tarnovo, karma.

After some time waiting for train to be repaired we left to see the city and planned to hop on the next train.

The woman on the train didn’t look so happy about our ticket in the wrong direction, so we had to leave the train on the next stop.

“The important thing about Bulgarian Railroads is that they move. One day they will reach the destination. The timetables were never our cup of tea.”

This had been told to our second ride by a conducter once.

Aaand we’re on the road again..

We gave up and hitchhiked back to Trajvna with help of two cars.

Winter attack

After few relaxed days with them we continued our adventure to Sofia.
In 3 rides we managed to get on the highway to sofia half way our distance. But then winter came, it started to snow.
After 2 hours a touringbus stopped at the exit we were standing to drop some people of and we decided to buy a ticket to Sofia.

Sofia The capital city of bulgaria

In Sofia we met up with George, an old friend of Jelle, he was our host the coming 2 nights. Sofia is a big city, a lot of trams and busses and underground, we had to walk a lot to avoid paying all that and in the meanwhile we got to see some amazing buildings.

We were lucky to get some free food at his girlfriends place and vegan restaurant that had a shoot for a TV program. They had a lot of food left overs that were just made for that shoot.


Food, Acommodation and Travel Expences

2 lev=1 euro

Falafel 2,50 lev

Piece of Vegan pizza 3,50 lev

A kettle of tea 4 lev

Some money for veggies and bread

Metro ticket(sofia) 1.40 lev

Busticket to sofia 10 lev



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