Yes, I am a low budget traveller, but after all we all need money sometimes to feel more comfortable, pay a room with a hot shower now and then, pay for a visa and most importantly at the moment for me pay a course for sound healing, reiki, massage, yoga or whatever, so I can share the knowledge back in the west.

Currently collecting money for Singing bowls for sound healing.

In case you would like to support my way, you can donate to me by following this link for paypal.

In case you cannot use paypal and you would still like to support me, feel free to contact me on Instagram: @fejstfajn

Of course there are other ways to support me too. You can share my website to your friends that might find my articles helpful. You could follow me on instagram: @fejstfajn or just write me a comment and motivate me to continue my trail.

Support human rights

Help us raise money for a school that is fighting to get children out of slavery in Pakistan.


*sent msg to our email saying: donation for human rights and we will send your donation to NGO organization in Pakistan*

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