Science Illustration

Detailed illustration supported by science and made for science books.

Line illustrations, Mandalas, Nature

Coloring book for adults

I developed this book for my thesis about Art therapy, Therapeutic use of coloring books and Mandalas.

Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed media


These paintings can tell you something about my universe.

Binding, Typography, Illustration

Diary of Thomas Jones

I did this project as an addition to Jelle's thesis about postapocalyptic photo series. The book was presenting a story that the main character Thomas Jones experienced and wrote down during his travels in a postapocalyptic world.

Watercolor pencils, Movie, Illustration, Calligraphy

Lord of the Rings

I'm usually not so keen on showing my fan art. But they say this one is good.

Illustrations referenced from the movie.

For calligraphy I used a copperplate tip or a bamboo stick.

Wall paint


Several different projects along the road

Watercolor pencils, Illustration, Ink, Marker, Acrylic, Mixed media


Some other drawings and paintings along the way