Journey to the East

Living lives on a chain like a dog barking for freedom, the only difference is that the chain is put there only by ourselves or society that we decide to live in. Working for our retirement money since we are 18. Why not work for the moment? Why not live in .. NOW?

I decided to tell you something more about this travel story to India, how did I end up going so far, for so long and why. Quite some people have asked me this question while on the road, so I thought to share the answer.

I started my spiritual life and working with the energy of life about 5 years ago. As I grew I felt more and more dullness of the western mind, the sadness hiding inside a fake smile and the need for real happiness in this world. While I was finishing my exchange in the Netherlands, I went for a spontaneous trip to Morocco, where I met the rainbow family for the first time. At that moment I knew I need to start living my life the way I want, and not the way my parents or society I live in tells me to. I decided to finish my bachelor, collect some money and go. My wish was to move anywhere really, I felt really trapped in the western way of living, I couldn’t coop with the feeling I felt in the people. I wanted to show it is possible to live free even if you don’t have a big budget. I wanted to show how amazing that can be, what are the challenges. I wanted to inspire, to live free.

Some would argue humans are smart, advanced, strong among other living creatures on earth. To be real we are quite behind. Yes we discovered a lot of things, we found solutions for diseases, we learned how to fly and shoot ourselves in the universe, we managed to change our lives to become somehow easier with technology. But is it really easier? Did we learn how to suffer less from changes, past, and future? Are we happier now than we were before?

I didn’t see that, I didn’t see people being happy. I saw a lot of people struggling, suffering from this system we live in. It felt like most of the people I know live in the cage and they have the key.

I always looked for some connection to nature, some higher connection to myself and to people. I felt alone even in a big group of good friends. I didn’t want to live in this system and I also didn’t know how to prevent that. I found it hard to understand that when I finish school I will be just another person looking for a job, that gives me money, so I can work 5-7 days a week, like a robot to the system, looking forward to weekend when I can finally spend my money on getting wasted, so I can forget about my problems until Monday and then start working again. Was I really the only one that feels this way? The answer is no. There are many like-minded people out there. Hippies? This word has no meaning anymore. It is now connected to how people dress, talk or how naive they are about their freedom. Sometimes that would be somebody that smokes a lot of weed, somebody that plays the music takes the money and goes. Somebody that shits on the system, somebody that is just traveling and being lazy or perhaps a warrior for freedom? I have heard many different descriptions of this world in all different countries. The word hippy has so many different associations on it, that I rather not use it.

Our beautiful family on the bus after being evicted from the Rainbow land


I set myself a task for this lifetime, to make people happy. Share the love of my heart to help and open the hearts of more souls, to show them that they hold the key to freedom.

I had this idea of traveling by land, inspiring people to remove their self-made chains, making people happy as I go and be an example of somebody living outside the comfort zone. Lucky as I am under my lucky star, I met Jelle not long before my path to the east started. I asked him to join and he said yes. And that’s how I found one of the best travel partners I can imagine to find, right at the good moment. The universe always gives us what we need, right?

In this past year I have shared tips, some short stories and photos, but I never really described my own experience and growth through this travel.

I like to say to myself my life is like a rollercoaster. Keeping that thought brings me down to neutral when I am floating too high and it brings me up when I am down. But there is something that changes the speed of everybody’s rollercoasters and its traveling. It puts you in many different situations, uncomfortable and very comfortable. The environment, atmosphere, weather, and people are changing around you all the time. You are forced to adapt to new circumstances, find comfort in discomfort. Especially when you are on a low budget. I am here to tell you I am happy and even with such a small budget as I have I feel rich, I am living a dream. 

I would lie if I would say this path was always easy and light. But the heavy moments are the ones that make us grow the most. The ones that make us understand our deep blockages and open the doors to a new life again and again. Here are the posts that I wrote in this journey, besides I also added a tiny portfolio (it is really tiny, it probably covers like 5% of my work..).


First steps






About Slavery in Pakistan

About Waste


I have been here (in India) for nearly a year, still, I have no desire to write about tips for travel cheap here. India is cheap and expensive. It all depends on you, how much time you put in to look and bargain yourself a cheap place to stay, to find free food ashrams and temples, or how much do you feel comfortable to be on the same level as those people on the street. Or maybe you just want a place for vacation, a fancy room next to the beach? There are countless possibilities in between those two options.

Sab kutch milega, everything is possible. Amazing architecture, spirituality, nature, sea, natural medicine, massage, mountains, villages, small or big people, knowledge.. I can go on why you could visit India and why not, but I will leave that choice to you.

YES, India has kept me for long

I have come to understand that in this part of the world I meet more like-minded people, may they be hippies, businessman, devotees, homeless, rich, it doesn’t matter, I am talking about our opinion on the human mind and our goal to become free of it. There is much wisdom to be learned about ourselves and others. About how to live life in a simple way, how to help each other and work together.

Right now, I feel like a part of this big chaotic and peaceful country. India has inspired me in so many ways, but it also thought me something very special about myself. I learned how big my heart is. I learned that I am a healer.

I got treated like a queen here and got cheated like I am nothing by people I gave a lot of love. I am a really trusty person, I have been cheated many times, but I cannot stop trusting in humanity.

My heart is always believing in all the good stuff and the bad is just a lesson learned. I will open my heart to everybody. I learned to give a chance, always, because you never know the persons past and even knowing somebody a whole lifetime, you can never know what they really are going through and why they make decisions that they did.


Try to understand people and help them to become free of their troubles. Do not try to help when somebody doesn’t want to be helped. Perhaps you only see the reflection of you in them and you are really just trying to help yourself. Be ready to step away from people you love, don’t get attached. Help and love unconditionally. Like you need nothing in return. That way you will never get hurt or lose trust in people. Everything that you experience depends on you. If you help, help because you can, if you love, love because you want to love. Follow your intuition, don’t push. Follow your heart and you will experience great love within.

India photos coming soon 😉

Feel free to share my website to people interested in this sort of travel, I am happy to help with advice on crossing the borders from Europe to India by land. You are also welcome to support me with clicking on this link.



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