Hitchhiking into Islamic State of Iran

Iran is a beautiful country with plenty of colorful bazaars and mosques. As a hitchhiker, you first need to find your way in and explore the language and culture to settle in as a “cheap” traveler and once that is done all would go to the best. You would get free food, beautiful people would invite you in and hitchhiking would become easy even with boats!

First few rides we easy but we kind of needed to adapt to all the crowd around us, we traveled to Tabriz, got a paid bus to Ardabil, then toured with locals around Rasht and hitchhiked to Tehran. We mostly stayed at places through couchsurfing, even though it is banned from Iran when we were leaving Tehran a guy from metro connected us to a free VIP bus and we ended up in Kashan.

Me and Jelle were not keeping you guys updated about our travel lately, but for now, I promise things will get rolling. My article about hitchhiking in Iran just got posted on a travel website and you can read all about it here.

Respecting and knowing the rules of the country might save you some trouble, that was not really our case so we nearly got deported, I wrote about that in the next article and its posted here.

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