First steps of an adventure: Slovenia and Hungary

Our days were long before we left and trip to our first stop in Slovenia longer then expected (we got stuck in Villach for 12h) but in the end, we arrived. From the Netherlands to Slovenia we sat in 13 cars that picked us up on the side of the road or gas stations. People were friendly, like most of the times. After some hitchhiking trips it kind of became our habit to ask around in restaurants and gas stations for food ready to be thrown away, which brings positive response in 1 of 5 times, sometimes we got even more than we can eat!

Ana’s dad had a birthday so we spent the evening with all the relatives.

We spent some time with Ana’s family in Prekmurje. After that we went to Ljubljana, to get Visa for India done and headed to Budapest with another friend of ours, Demijan.



big graffiti on the wall of one of the squats in Ljubljana
Team 1
Team 2

In the morning Ana’s brother brought us to the petrol station, from where we hitched a ride to Maribor in early hours. From there we had to split in two teams, since… well, we have quite some baggage.

Team one managed to get to Budapest with only one long car ride just near Budapest and second ride to city centre. Our one man team arrived a lot later, since no one seemed to be going to Hungary from Maribor.


Jelle decided to make a little detour to Vienna, because the connection to Budapest from there is more busy. It took three cars to arrive.

Central station of Viena


Starting time and place: Lukovica, 7:00

Arriving time and place: Budapest, Ana and Demijan, 15:30; Jelle, 1:00




One of the things that can’t be missed is the Parliament building.

The capital city of Hungary, surrounding the river Danube that separates the city in two parts: Buda and Pest. It’s an amazing city to explore, especially for it’s baroque, neoclassical, eclectic and art nouveau styled architecture. We only spent a day in Budapest so we didn’t have much time to explore, but places we found the most interesting were the fountain in island Sziget, hills on the Buda side of the city and old ruin pubs.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Accommodation and Food

View from the apartment.

Since its winter time, we are travelling with a tent, big sleeping bags that can zip together in one big coooozy one and an iso-mat, which is some kind of alu-foil material, to prevent the cold floor temperature to cool us down. However when we travel to cities we can’t really camp, so we use the website Couchsurfing to find hosts. In Budapest our host was Oliver, a really nice guy who happend to be vegan as well. Although he was quite busy he managed to chill with us sometimes and he gave us a key so we could do what we wanted at any time. We felt like home. On the way, we try to find opportunities to earn money for travel.

Some people sleep
and others don’t. (Ana is working on online illustrating job)







For food we didn’t need much than one cooked meal from all the vegetables we brought from home, falafel for about 2,30€ and the welcoming 3 big bags of leftover (unsold) breads from cafe/bakery that we got from Oliver.

Walking through the city we stumbled on several of book stands where people could buy there books for on the way. Very useful if you forgot to bring your book that day.



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