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The healing powers of a creative life

Helps with the personal integration and creating a connection to oneself through expressing our inner self.

Helps expressing things we cannot express with words or actions.

Encourages relaxation, self-expression, game, playfulness and happiness.

Makes understanding of complicated things easier (like explaining physics with sacred geometry).

Analizing creations can help us with understanding our feelings, make us more comfortable to describe our life situation through creative expression and potentially help us to express with words more easily.

Why mandalas?

Mandalas represent balanced, centred form, that reminds us of infinity and is expanding in our bodies and minds. It is represented in the form of a circle, which is a symbol of perfection and unity. Mandalas especially supported by sacred geometry can help us to reach a meditative state, inner peace and harmony, despite all others stimulus of the environment. Mandalas were used as a tool for meditation and healing in many cultures, especially Tibetan Buddhism. As a therapeutic tool, mandalas are first introduced to the west by psychiatrist Carl Jung, who said drawing mandalas have a calming and healing effect on the artist.

We can read a lot about mandalas but to feel their true meaning we should try to draw them too. I created a series of mandalas for the colouring book, to experience the power of them myself for deeper understanding and to encourage creativity. This book is meant for everybody, creative people or the ones that feel like they are less creative with drawing and just want to colour some nice natural vibes. I added some doodles, to inspire the playfulness and the freedom.

Harmony of Nature

I created this colouring book together with my thesis research about lines, colours, therapy, mandalas and sacred geometry. The mandalas were created with a sane state of mind in a beautiful meditative state while drawing, so they can reflect my positive energy on the person that is colouring them. Along 10 mandalas I created a few nature-inspired designs.

Spread the love and free colouring book with your friends.

HERE is the link to the PDF file in the drive.

How to print it?

The file is in PDF ready to print, somebody from the printing shop should be able to assist you to print it double-sided on A3 paper, fold it in half and then cut it in the good size. You can simply ask them to clip it together at two places in the middle of the book and you are good to go!

Have fun colouring and don’t forget to share the love. In case you would like to give me a donation for my little designs, I would be more than happy to receive that, so I can create something even more beautiful in the future. 🙂



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