From Timisoara to Bucharest; The Road through Romania.

Early in the morning we made our way to a petrol station southeast of Budapest. It took us an hour, 4 tram stops and 14 bus stops to get there, the bus driver was kind enough not to charge us. It’s always hard to get out of a big city by hitchhiking. There is always a lot of local traffic so it’s hard to get where you want, that’s why we always look for a petrol station at the outer side of the city.


Breakfast time


In 20 minutes we found our first ride. With his dog on Ana’s lap and a completely  packed car (the guy left most of his stuff at the petrol) we went to the next petrol station where he offered us a nice coffee and tea. We got a double feeling from him. He was really proudly explaining how he is working on a border wall.


There are a lot of problems with refugees in Hungary, mostly people are not from Syria but other war and terrorist effected areas. He mentioned a lot of them throw away the passports so they can not be identified, claiming they are from Syria to get in the country and get the benefits. He described that the wall is 3 m high and they are building it on the hole Romanian border. We found an article about the happening. Our friendly ride also mentioned, with a smile, that Ukraine border is not a problem anyway, since they only use guns.

We are really not the kind of people that would support that, more like ones that shout ”refugees are welcome”, but sometimes its interesting to hear the other side of the story. After we drank our teas and coffees we continued to hitchhike. Our next ride was a bit of a cheer up since the guy had exactly the same dog, Ana had company again.

From there we decided to split up, since we found a ride for two people. Ana & Demijan got a ride to Timisoara from a very nice Romanian.

His name was Roberto and he was importing some trucks and a car from Belgium. It was a very nice ride. Sometimes the truck stopped working but a mechanic was driving just behind them to fix the problem. Roberto turned out to be a really nice guy, he even offered that we could stay at his hotel in the mountains for some nights.

He put them of at a petrol station close to the city and from there they got to the city in one ride.

Jelle seemed to have a bit less luck and stayed at a petrol station just before Szeget for some hours. But then also he got a ride to Arad, Romania. And straight after that a ride to Timisoara. 


He even arrived to the meeting point a bit before Ana & Demijan (partially because Demijan fell in a hole in the street, ups..).

Starting place and time: Budapest, 9.00

Arrival place and time: Timisoara; Jelle 20:20, Ana & Demian 20:50




In the bar we met our host for the coming two nights, Razvan. He came from the football game with his friends, they were all really welcoming and happy to tell us all about their beautiful country Romania. They explained Timisoara was not the richest part of Romania, but they all liked the life there.

We heard a lot of stories about Transylvanian part of Romania and its beautiful places like mountains, caves and waterfalls. They also told us about Delta and how travelling there is like in a labyrinth, but with a boat on water. Woow

The next day we wondered around the streets of Timisoara. The city has an old city centre with some interesting places like Orthodox Cathedral and food market.

Food market
Statue on Liberty Square

Fun fact: the electric busses and trams in the city, don’t really have a good connection everywhere so lights go off and the ride slows down for a short while. 

After 2 nights in Timisoara we continued our journey. We decided to accept Roberto’s offer
to spents some nights in his hotel in Predeal.
We experienced that Romanian highways are not that popular and petrol stations on them even less.
We had been warned that a lot of people ask for money if they pick up people but we only got asked by one driver so we seemed to be lucky.
In the last part we splitted up and all arrived in Brasov where we took the train to Predeal for 3 lev (about 0,65 euro).


Highway dog

Starting place and time: Timisoara; 06.30

Arrival place and time: Brasov; Demijan 18.50, Jelle and Ana 19:35


Predeal is a small town 145 km north of Bucharest on the edge of the transalvanian mountains and a popular winder sport location. Roberto, his wife and his staff welcomed us with open arms and a lot of food. Close to the predeal there are two castles to find, Bran castle (most known: Dracula’s castle) and Peles castle.


After Predeal we drove with Roberto’s wife Gizela to Bucharest.


Its the capital city of Romania, that explaines why we needed to walk for about 18 km to get around and still not see it all. Architecture of the city was amazing and we strongly recommend you to visit and see it yourself. Parliament building the largest administrative building in the world, but our choice was to see the inside of Romanian Art Museum instead.












At the same time we always try to keep an eye on street art.

Food, Accommodation and Travel expences

We stayed in Romania from 15th to 23rd of November, 9 days in total. Money spent for two people was 48 eur. So average money spent per person per day was 2,7 €.

We ate outside twice and went for a beer in Bucharest. Robert payed a huge vegan dinner for us in Predeal and breakfast, we also cooked in his hotels kitchen with food we bought.

In Timisoara and Bucharest we used couchsurfing and in Predeal we stayed at Roberto’s hotel so accommodation was free.

Train from Brasov to Predeal was around 1,30 eur for both of us.  Transportation in Bucharest cost us around 3 eur, since we only payed the bus to the city centre in the morning. The entry for Art Museum for two was 3,5 eur. When we left Bucharest we used a tram, so we didn’t have to pay.





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