The first Idea of this blog is to share information about travelling cheap super low budget, creating low waste, living plant-based diet around the world and describe the experience with visas and hitchhiking on the way from the Netherlands to India.

Happy news! We managed to arrive in India spending only approximately 600 Eur each (5 months). Happy to continue the way we travel, work on the way, volunteer and live an easy going life. I will keep on sharing how the travel goes on from here and share the experience, knowledge and creations.

I am currently in Nepal and continuing to India, with a new goal to become a better healer, for all beautiful souls in this world.

The beggining

We are two happy people travelling from the Netherlands all the way to Asia. On our way, we would like to see the nature of countries we travel through and get to know the people that live in them. Because we care a lot about our beautiful planet, we try to leave the smallest possible footprint behind us as possible. That’s why we decided not to fly.

We are travelling with backpacks, with our thumbs up to the east. We love to find local underground scenes, street life, abandoned places, and true spirit of individuals around the world. We are both Freegans, which means we do not buy any animal products, however we always keep an eye out for food to save from being wasted.

Meet us


Jorrit (Jelle) Eize Dijkstra

Photographer, Filmmaker

Easy going activist, always looking for something more than just ordinary creation.


Ana Balažic

Nomad, artist

Free spirit of the rainbow, full of inspiration and creative soul. Nature, waste and animal freedom warrior.